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    Question Writing alais....

    Hi all,

    i want to open an file in new xterm window......

    for this i have to give command in command line as..

    xterm -e vim <file name> &

    The above mentioned command i have to run like this,
    xrun <file name>

    for this how should i write alias for "xrun"

    Thanks in advance....

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    If we ignore the problem of adding an ampersand (&) at the end:

    alias xrun "xterm -e vim"

    then do "xrun myfile &" and it will do what you wanted.

    When I searched "man bash alias", I found that there's no way to have arguments for the alias, so if you really want to add the ampersand, you'll have to write a shell-script (or use csh - if that's available in your Linux installation - bash is the default and most common shell).


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