Thread: Upgrade wxGTK to 2.8*

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    Upgrade wxGTK to 2.8*

    I'm using Code::Blocks compiler, and found that there is a bug regarding old versions of wxGTK (That caused the program to crash). I'm not sure how to upgrade, but on the wxWidgets Web site it said to add this:
    deb dapper main

    However I don't really know what it means. I tried just going to that url and it had several .deb packages. I would be grateful if someone could assist me in upgrading my wxGTK to version 2.8.4


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    Have you ever installed or upgraded packages before? That's basically what you need to do here.

    The process is different for the various flavours of Linux, but basically you launch a package manager and select a package to install or whatever.

    Check out this Wikipedia entry:

    If you're using Debian Linux, try this:

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