Thread: Programs for programing C++ in Linux

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    Programs for programing C++ in Linux

    Hi. What programs are using in linux (now using openSuse 10.2) to write programs in C++ language. I know that one of them is gcc maybe it's more than this one. would be perfect if program woulg be at least a bit similar to C++ Builder (on windows).

    this program I need becouse I have to write program in C++ language which would work on both windows and linux. And on C++ builder program is almost finished, when on linux it is not even started.


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    Whats wrong with the GCC C++ compiler? It's highly portable.

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    If you're looking for an IDE, there's KDevelop for KDE or Anjuta for Gnome. But most people just use advanced text editors.

    Or do you want Builder's RAD functionality? There's Glide (I think it's called), and I'm sure there are Qt UI builders, too.
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    Kdevelop is a KDE specific QT based GUI developing toolset.
    Glade is GTK UI development, newest version is very similar to QT.
    Adjunta is a java based IDE with support for most languages [ as Kdevelop has ]
    QT has it's own IDE, which gets rid of the KDE specifics that Kdevelop has.
    wxWidgets, cross platform widget set with an IDE available for all platforms they support. [ which is actually most platforms out there, far more than GTK or QT support ]

    I would recommend using the wxwidget tools, that enables easier porting to more operating systems if needed than any other option.
    and you can use wxwidgets on windows and develop for any target os, it will create the appropriate makefile for the target os.
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