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    I am severely searching for POSIX-programs!

    What I need is some sample programs or even better: whole applications that are posix-based and that can be run without user interaction for some minutes or at least some seconds. And the source code must be available.

    Does anybody know of anything like that?

    Thanks a lot in advance!


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    1. This isn't a "google this for me and post the results" kind of forum.
    2. This isn't a "please write this for me" kind of forum.
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    I have already searched on google. Nevertheless, I need more (and larger) applications. It`s not for learning, it`s just for running them. I need as many tools as possible for a kind of benchmark. That`s why they have to run without user interaction. And if I could use third-party products, that would even be better, as I need any type of usual software. Writing it myself would be influenced by my knowledge of what I want to measure.

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