Thread: Making an automake project with directory hierarchy in KDevelop

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    Making an automake project with directory hierarchy in KDevelop

    Anybody here familiar with KDevelop IDE? Can I ask you how to make an automake project with directory hierarchy in KDevelop? E.g. I wanted to separate the renderer classes, logic classes, etc into different directories. Thanks.
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    make each part into it's own shared object project, then create the overall project and include each sub project into it.
    this will allow you to edit the to add the subdirectories to the list of sources.
    [ since running "automake and friends" may not add the paths correctly. ]

    essentially, if you want to have it as separate folders, you'll have to edit the files manually to add the folders. the only reason to do so is to break the sources into separate shared libraries and the ui / executable as the overall project.
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