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    About filesysytem...

    Hi, all...

    I'm a new comer in this forum and I also a newbie in linux world. I'm a student. So, i hope

    i'll get more knowledge here.

    Okay, here is my first post (and my first problem too :P )

    Yesterday, my lecturer give me assignment about file system chapter. He asked me to make a

    program with gcc that simulate an "ls-like" command. I mean, i'm asked to make a program

    that can display the contents of a directory (maybe files or other directories). And the

    program can also recieve arguments, such as:
    -a to display all of contents, including the hiding ones
    -l to display in a list views
    -R to display recursively (display the contents of it's subdirectories too)
    -d to display only the directory type content (subdirectory)

    The second problem:
    I'm asked to make a program with gcc that can display the contents of a file, with

    -c(n) to display in column views (n is the number of column)
    -t(h|d) to display in h=hexa or d=decimal

    Phew...can you imagine my frustated? So, anybody help me please...

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    Um ...

    C or C++?

    We don't do your homework. What's your approach? What's your specific problem? What code have you already written?
    All the buzzt!

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    opendir ( ) / readdir ( ) / closedir ()
    To get all the files in a directory

    stat() to get extended information on a file, like its permissions, size etc.
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