Thread: C Development environment setup on Linux

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    C Development environment setup on Linux


    I've been wondering if anyone could recommend proper tools / frameworks for development circle with C on Linux.

    I'm talking about tools that would have natural integration with the "standard" utilities such as make, gcc, gdb subversion and co.

    I'm looking for some kind of application that would ease the life of my developers, I'd like the to be able to add / remove tags of builds to custom compile their code. We are using lots of open source libraries & software in our product, I need the tools to know how to handle 3rd party libraries as well.

    Our development IDE is slickedit. The environment is RH WS 4.

    I've also started to examine projects such as:

    and the quoted below.

    Any help / links would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    Build tools other then "make"
    OCamle -
    SCons (Cross Platform) -
    Boost Build System -

    Build Environments

    OSS project demo -
    List of corporate users -

    Development Ideas

    Graphical SVN clients
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    I'm doing my developing mostly in plain text editors and some command line build tool, preferably SCons or Boost.Build.

    I haven't worked on anything larger than smallish (6 people) projects in Linux, though.
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    QT is a c++ tool set, since the QT widgets are all c++ based.

    the KDE tool KDevelop is a multi language ide with every tool integrated in it.
    the commercial version is KDE Studio.
    both support c, c++ and most scripting languages.
    While these are based on the QT tool set, they have added a lot more support for other languages than exists in the QT tools
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