Thread: Serial Programming (split)

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    Can anyone help me in implementing " Ferranti " protocol in C.
    i need to write a program in C, OS being UNIX. The thing is I have to open the COM port, write a query and read the reply from the device connected to the COM port of the system.

    Can anyone help me in implementing this???

    For the time being for familiarising myself with Serial Programming in UNIX can u provide me some links where I can get code examples for the same...?

    Thanks and regards,

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    Serial Programming (split)

    hi salem.

    I have gone through some of the threads u have been posting. I am right now working on HP-UX OS. My system has got 3 COM ports,
    1- 25 pin CONSOLE PORT.
    2- 9 pin Serial ports of which One could be used as a console port.

    What could be the possible file names for these devices.

    i have tried "/dev/tty1p0" and was able to see the data written on the 25 pin console port through hyperterminal.

    I need t view the written data through the 9 - pin serial ports what should possibly be the file names.


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    Don't hijack threads! Post new threads for new a new question. Serial ports are typically /dev/ttyS0 /dev/ttyS1 and so forth.

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