Thread: How to compile Pro*C code on Linux..

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    How to compile Pro*C code on Linux..

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    Hi All,
    I have some Pro*C program those are need to compile and execute on Linux environment.
    All those programs are currently running on Unix.I have copied all make file and related file and try to compile with same way like Unix but i am getting error.

    example -
    make -f test

    Does anyone have idea what could be reason ? Is any specail parameter need to be set or change ?

    pls its urgent help me.


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    If it has embedded SQL it needs to be pre-processed before you can compile it with a regular compiler (like gcc). I don't know the details of Pro*C, but you need to find linux tools for it (if there are any).

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    > but i am getting error.
    Well post your error messages then - or a sample of them if there are lots.
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