Thread: Creating a Unix Shell in C

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    Creating a Unix Shell in C

    I am trying to code, in C, a shell similar to that of Unix, with file execution functionality. I would like my shell to provide a command prompt to the user and if the input was an executable file name, then execute the file (like in any other OS). I know I have to use execv() and fork() as well as the process-id (pid) concept from the unistd.h library, but I am entirely confused on how to approach this problem. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    P.S> I just realized I should've posted this in the Linux/Unix forum. Apologies.
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    okay, like which shell in linux / unix / irix / *bsd?
    there are 10 that I know of, and each has it's own quirks and features.

    the original shell was sh
    the most commonly mentioned shell now is bash [ born again sh ]

    My usual reply to thequestion of coding a shell:

    why not get the sources for one of the available shells and use those as a reference?
    a shell is the system interface between the kernel and the user, every os has a shell that stands as a command interpreter between the user and the kernel.

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    IIRC, there are several attempts in this very forum, so why not study some of those.
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