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    shell script basic question

    i am usaing a cronjob to run a database backup script.

    i added the line
    cd /path/to/
    to the beggining of the script so the output .sql file stays in the corrent directory.

    this works but is not practical... i would like to have a script that whatever i put it would send the output to the current path...

    so basicaly i need to know.

    how do i get the current path? should be some environment varible right?

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    All sorts of ways

    Gets the current directory

    here=`dirname $0`
    Gets the relative path from here to the program being executed

    Then there's $HOME, but that might depend on who the effective user is.

    You could try creating a cron job which just contains
    to dump out the entire environment which your cron job sees.
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