Thread: Memory data share/exchange

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    Memory data share/exchange


    I would like to know if is it posible to share and send data trough the RAM memory between two or more different applications built in C and running on the same PC running LINUX.
    I do not want to use LAN or any virtual network nor buffer in disk.
    Could you how tell me to do this.

    Thank you.

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    Or Unix Domain Sockets - they're typically memory-based too.
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    Check Shared memory Functions;


    You can get memory (shmget()) and attach it (shmat()), it's like allocated piece of memory you can attach to in any process.

    This is in category of IPC so first reply to your post also gets you into these facilities but I just thought to point this out in more specific way. I am by no means very knowledgeable with shared memory, it's just that I was asking this very same question this morning and this is where I am

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