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    so lets say that i have a web cam or something hokked up to my computer. just for simplicity. now lets say that i want it to always be on, and i want to be able to make it my background. so like streaming video straight onto my desktop. how would i edit linnux to do this? i'm probably on the wrong forum, but i figured that you guys are the smartest bunch of people i know, so i might as well ask you first.

    oh yeah, and lets say that i only want it to be that way in one of my 4 backgrounds, would that be posible too? i know that all of my backgrounds right now are diferent, but i'm not sure if thats just how they made it, or becuase thats how it works.

    for arguments sake, lets not put my distro into the picture, becuase thats very fluid t the moment. so lets just talk generic.

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