Thread: How to obtain more key code in curses ?

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    How to obtain more key code in ncurses ?

    Hello !

    Could you tell me how to obtain more key code under ncurses library.
    The way that I followed was to use getch() two times. The first step I get the 0x1b code, at the second time I get the ASCII code.

    This method is not sufficient because some times I need to use for instance <SHIFT><ENTER> and <CONTROL><ENTER>. In this case I can not make the difference between both key stroke because at the first step I get always 0x1b , at second step always d13.

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    getch() under Dev-C++ can't tell the difference between some keys, like CTRL-A and SHIFT-CTRL-A. I don't know if ncurses is the same way.

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