Thread: newbie question on KDevelop

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    newbie question on KDevelop

    I get a sigsegv from kdevelop every time I shut down linux, is this a normal thing on the SUSE platform? running 10.0 with KDE desktop for about 4 weeks now after 15 years of Windows hacking, so I am unsure if this is normal after 5 years of having people flame me because I was loyal to Microsoft all this time.

    Got a neat project building a gateway to run on a tiny PC, so linux is the natural choice, using modules from RTAI to do realtime processing; got a zillion other porting and environment questions, but let's see the gurus answer first?

    (my first post)

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    I'm not sure what would be causing that, since when I took a look at Suse 10, I never got the same error.

    I've not seen such an error when shutting down in any distro. This leads me to suspect that you had a package fail during install.
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    Thanks, I will try read+understand the logs.

    I also have another PC with Suse installed, but I dunno if it also does it like my laptop does. That machine is being shipped to the UK, when I get there and get it off the boat, I can try see if the problem also exists there. Installed off the same Suse version so if it's just my laptop, I will have to try re-install, it's the recompilling of the kernel patches I am using for this project that frightens me though. I had some help to do it, I will need some help patching the kernel again I figure.

    At least I know its not a common problem now.

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