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    Simple Qt Programming Question

    I am new to the Qt widget set, even though I have good knowledge of the GTK+ set. I have been going through the tutorials, but one of the points mentioned in the tutorial does not seem to work out.

    In the main form's menu bar, there is a placeholder called "new menu." Supposedly, can double-click this to select the text and change the name to whatever I want. In my case, I want a "View" menu. But when I overwite "new menu" with "View" and then move the focus away from the text, the "View" I had written changes back to "new menu." Try as I might, I cannot seem to change the text to "View" and keep it that way.

    Am I making some kind of elementary error here, or is this some kind of a known bug?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    I am using Fedora Core 5, and the version of Qt is 3.3.5.

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    Okay, in case there are others out there who might have run into this problem, I should mention that I have found the solution. One must press "Enter" after overwriting "new menu" with the desired menu label.

    That's it!

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