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    GUIs in KDE


    Ive done very little programming on linux, infact ive only written a simple console program for it with gcc. I have however had a fair bit of experience with the win32 api and general windows programming.

    Is it a big step into programming GUIs for linux? I was wondering if someone could point me into what i need to learn and if its much harder than windows based GUI design? Theres a few things im unsure of, firstly if i make a gui for KDE will it work in other windows managers such as Gnome? Ive heard of QT but i have no idea if thats what i need? Is there some specific APIs i should look into?

    Any tutorials on basic GUI programming that someone can point me to would be great.

    Also would it be ok to develop a said program with the mono project using C#? Is this project far enough ahead to devleop appications with it.

    Thanks for any help,
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    For programming GUIs on linux there are a lot of options. For portability with windows, wxWidgets and Qt are good options. KDE is based on qt.Gtk is portable with windows but it looks ugly there. As far as I know the frameworks are portable between window managers as long as the required libraries are present. The only desktop environments I use are kde and gnome and I don't have any problems running gtk and kde/qt apps on either one.There are free tutorials availlable on the web.



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    Also would it be ok to develop a said program with the mono project using C#? Is this project far enough ahead to devleop appications with it.
    Although I have not used Mono for any GUI application I know that for now they are using the gtk library as well.

    Before you start using mono, check wether all the namespaces of C# that you are planning to use are already implemented , it will save you alot of frustration . ( we are working in school on a multithreaded ftp server in C# and I wanted to port it so we could use mono, but unfortunately most of the namespaces we are using are not implemented yet in mono... )

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