Thread: A Book on Linux programming for a beginner

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    A Book on Linux programming for a beginner

    Hi !
    Can anyone suggest a good book on linux programming in C ?
    I am a beginner and hence would be extrmely thankful if anyone could help me with the same

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    Beginning Linux Programming Wrox Publications

    Linux Programming Bible published by BPb in india( iguess you are in india arent u?)

    if you want t begin the Linux Kernel
    then try
    The Linux Kernel David A Rusling
    on the net
    also available for download at a lot of places try google
    or i can mail it to you

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    Thanks For The Help !

    Hi !!
    Thanks a lot for the information. I havent looked around for the book, but the site you told about is really informative.

    Thanks again.


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    here's a good resource too.

    linux programming texts online and free.

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    Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment, by Richard Stevens. It says advanced, but if you know enough C to delve into low level system programming, it's a good choice.

    If you're looking for something more general, go with the wrox book.


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    Linux Device Drivers, published by O'Reilly, gives much more information about Linux than the name implies. This is a great book for programming in Linux if you already understand C/C++.
    Jason Deckard

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