Thread: sleep in milliseconds.

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    sleep in milliseconds.

    Iam working on a project in LINUX and i require my program to go into sleep for 100ms or 200ms but sleep() takes only seconds as argumuments. Is there a way?? If there are no inbulit functions is there a way to count in milliseconds??Plz help.
    Also can u tell me wat C functions are used in writing data to the USB ports of linux machines?? Thx in advance.


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    Well for sleep, you could try nanosleep()
    But beware that all sleep functions are a minimum sleep time, not an absolute sleep time.

    As for USB, perhaps here
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    check the manpage for select() which is used a lot for sockets. it reads:
    Some code calls select() with all three sets empty, n zero, and a non-null timeout as a fairly portable way to sleep with subsecond precision.
    So i guess this might be one way to achieve what you're looking for.

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    Besides nanosleep and select there is also usleep().

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