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    Wink cannot rm dir

    I was creating a folder to store my test scripts on AIX. I used the following command to create a directory:

    mkdir shell scripts

    What I did not do is place an underscore between shell and scripts. Well it created 2 directories. I want to remove them, but every time I type:

    rm shell or rm scripts it tells me

    rm: 0653-603 Cannot remove directory shell


    rm: 0653-603 Cannot remove directory scripts

    Also, I chmod 777 on both directories and rm still did not work.

    All help is appreciated.



    Never mind, this was a probably a dumb question. I just found out that the command to complete the rm is:

    rm -r dir

    Hopefully this will help any new guys out there like me who are still learning the *nix systems.
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    Well, rmdir is used to del dirs

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    or rm -r

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