Thread: Dealing with application automated versioning

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    Dealing with application automated versioning

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a hobbyist C++ coder mostly on Linux systems. Recently i developed a really small personal application and i wanted to see if i could get some automated version numberings in the app. At this moment i keep editing the VERSION.h file that i have created for that sole purpose but it's not actually good practice as it can happen that i forget to edit that file and all is broken. Does anyone here have any custom/special workflow for achieving this? I wanted to have some versioning in the lines of MajorVersion.MinorVersion.BuildNumber or so. Please share what tools/workflows you use for achieving this.

    Thanks to everyone for their time and help in advance. Cheers

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    most of the time I have seen the version set in a configure.h file that simply #defines it. Its still edited by hand though some where. Normally though that is only done periodicly, not with every change.
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    A simple perl script will update a file for you, as part of some make rule.

    This is easy for the build number, but you need to decide for yourself when to update major.minor.

    Compiling in __DATE__ and __TIME__ along with a version control system (say rcs or cvs) allows you to accurately see from the object files what is in the code and when it was built.
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    thank you for your posts ppl,

    in the end i am thinking about writting a small c++ app for doing all the version stuff i want done. After all it's easier to write such a thing myself since i know exactly what i want the app to do and what options i need implemented.


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