Thread: Help on Segmentation Fault!!!

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    Talking Help on Segmentation Fault!!!

    i am new user of linux programming!!
    i need ur help!!

    #include <stdio.h>
    void *mymalloc(size_t request);
    int main()
           char * test;
           int i = 0;
           test = (char *)mymalloc(sizeof(char) * 6);
           if (test == NULL)
                  printf("Malloc failed\n");
                     test[i] = 'a';
                     printf("%d bytes written to memory\n", i+1);
           return 0;
    void * mymalloc(size_t request)
           return sbrk(request);
    the output is:
    2565 bytes written to memory
    2566 bytes written to memory
    2567 bytes written to memory
    2568 bytes written to memory
    Segmentation fault

    my question is wat is going on this code???can anyone explain to me ??? y izzit segmentation fault after 2568 bytes ???

    another question is wat should i do if i want to improve the mymalloc() function?

    thanks all!!

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    Another question is why doesn't it segfault after 6 bytes?
    That's the problem with undefined behaviour. Code which should by all rights crash and burn magically keeps going. This is what makes finding some bugs really tricky.

    > y izzit

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    Salem, I think u havent answer this person's question yet. giving link wouldn't realy help... cos i think that "that" link is not clear. i dont even know wat is it. it to complicated for beginner to understand.
    try to gives a more simple to understand tutorials or direct answer.

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    And I think "u" should read the same FAQ as well.

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    It partially has to do with Operating System specific functionallity.

    It could be dealing with virtual memeory, page sizes, and trying to access memory that isn't yours (hence the seg fault).

    Also, on error, sbrk doesn't return NULL, it returns -1. Don't forget to read your man pages.

    Also, I don't think sbrk was ment to be a replacment for malloc, as its not even a system call, at least in my man page for it, it states " brk() and sbrk() are not defined in the C Standard and are deliberately excluded from the POSIX.1 standard (see paragraphs B. and B.8.3.3)." and was simply brought over from 4.3 BSD.
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