Thread: Cant create curses's newwin() inside a class

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    Cant create curses's newwin() inside a class

    Hi every1. I am writing a console progy here using curses libraries. What i have here is a certain class which has 2 pointers of type WINDOW. In my general constructor i am calling newwin() so that it creates the windows and sets my pointers. However i am getting segmentaion fault for some reason. Can anyone help? Here is the code snippet:

    class Base
    	    WINDOW  *window;
    	    WINDOW  *win_temp;
    	    Base(int nlines,int ncols,int begin_y, int begin_x);
    Base::Base(int nlines,int ncols,int begin_y, int begin_x)
           window = newwin(nlines,ncols,begin_y,begin_x); 
                 cout<<"window is NULL!"<<endl;
           win_temp = newwin(nlines,ncols,begin_y,begin_x);  //24,35,10,42
                 cout<<"win_temp is NULL!"<<endl;
    int main(void)
          initscr();  /*  ncurses mode  */
          Base MyObject(24,35,10,2);
          endwin(); /* terminate ncurses mode */
          return 0;
    If you are thinking that i am passing bogus values to newwin(), then it is not it. It works with those values when windows are created in main()

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    just a guess.. but should initscr() (and/or the other ncurses functions that are currently in main) should they be inside Base's constructor where the window is created ?

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