Thread: scroll up with ncurses ? plz help

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    scroll up with ncurses ? plz help

    Hi every1. I am writing a small console progy here using ncurses libraries. What i would liked to know is how to scroll upward using any of ncurses functions. Basically what i have is a window. And i want to write at the very bottom of it, and whenever i change to a new line i need the previous line to go up by 1. So, can anyone share his knowledge as to how it coulbe de done? And if someone could provide a small snippet it would be great.

    Thanks, appriciate in advance.

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    Once I used ncurses in a program but never mentioned about scrolling! One of the best programs that uses ncurses is links (a consol based www browser). Even It has no scrolling option, since to read something you have to press "space" or "up/down arrow" and then the screnn moves "one page" upward!

    This makes me think so that, you have to move the whole screen at a time. So, if you want to scroll just one line, create a new window and then write the lines in previous windows staring from line number 2 and then add the new line at the bottom. So, the user thinks that when he presses "down arrow" the page just moves one line.

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