Thread: Extended character ASCII in LINUX/WINDOWS

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    Extended character ASCII in LINUX/WINDOWS


    I am writting C program under LINUX and I would like to know how to get extended character (beyond ASCII #127).

    I want to draw frame arround box but extended character are different between OS. For example these usefull character in windows UTF8 does not exist for linux:

    ASCII dec - ASCII hex - char
    179 0xB3 │
    196 0xC4 ─
    218 0xDA ┌
    192 0xC0 └
    191 0xBF ┐
    217 0xD9 ┘

    Also, I write the code under Windows then when viewing it under Linux all special character to print with printf() changed and become unreadable.

    Thank you

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    change your linux default charset to unicode, which is utf-8
    you are currently running iso8859-1 [ ascii ]
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    If you wanto to draw windows on screen use ncurses. "man ncurses" will give you enough information, i think!

    See the image below, if this is what you really want!

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