Thread: Creating a lib (HELP)

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    Creating a lib (HELP)

    Hi Everyone...
    Can someone tell me how to create a lib please?

    I have a file filled with fuctions (of course there is not a main)!!!

    how can i make a ".so" out of this and how can i use the ".so", or how should i?

    I'm a C experienced student, but sometimes, it's just one of those days!!!



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    There are libraries and there are libraries.

    ar is used to make standard (static link) libraries. Those have .a extensions on Unix/Linux. Creating a dynamic (or shared) library (a .so file) is a different kettle of fish.

    Rather than trying to explain it all to you from memory, I did a Google search, and came up with:
    this bit on shared libraries and this bit on static libraries.

    Knock yourself out.
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    thanks man!!! my great problem was to get the correct expressions so that i could "google-my-self" in to...
    I kept searching for ".so" with another words...

    Thanks man... thanks a lot!!!


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