Thread: Allocating ram

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    Allocating ram

    Does anybody know how to allocate ram that si being used and how much of ram is free. OS is Linux.
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    Why would you want to allocate RAM that is already being used?

    There's no standard C way to determine how much free RAM there is available. This question belongs in the Linux programming forum.

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    A bewildering number of system memory statistics are available in /proc/meminfo on recent Linux systems. There is a web page at RedHat that describes what's in /proc/meminfo at some level of detail.
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    You may want to have a look at

    Chapter 7 The /proc file system describes some tips about /proc. ou may find something useful...
    And also free(1) shows you the amoount of free memory. The free(1) system command is a part of the procfs package. You can get the package from

    See the free.c file.

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