Thread: using YACC and lex to make your own shell...

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    using YACC and lex to make your own shell...

    anyone know of any links that could help me with this? I've read the man pages on YACC and lex and im still a bit's what i have so far..

    YACC part...
    #include <stdio.h>
    int at_end = 0;
    extern int yychar;
    %start cmd
    cmd:            CD WORD                         {chdir($2.sval); YYACCEPT;}
            |       GETENV                          {getenv(); YYACCEPT;}
            |       SETENV                          {setenv(); YYACCEPT;}
            |       EXIT                            {exit(1); YYACCEPT;}
            |       ';'                             {
    lex part:

    #nclude ""
    extern int yylval;
    cd                                                              return CD;
    $[A-Za-z]+                                                      return GETENV;
    setenv                                                          return SETENV;
    setprompt                                                       return SETPROMPT;
    exit                                                            return EXIT;
    [a-zA-Z\/.]                                                     {strcpy(yyval.sval, yytext) return WORD;}
    .                                                               return yytext[0];
    any help would be appreciated

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    Do you have any previous experience with Lex and Yacc?

    I've written several command shells over the years, but never using either Lex or Yacc. I've used Lex/Yacc for other things, but never thought to use Yacc for an interactive program.

    As with any command shell, you need to build a context and a set of actions (built-ins and defaults) to track the state of the user session. Then, as with any Yacc+Lex program, you write productions and semantic actions that manipulate and invoke the shell framework in response to the tokens that are being processed.

    I hope this helps.
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    I used Lex and Yacc to write a shell. The professor gave us the grammer though. It got really buggy, and I ended up using system() five minutes before submission. I still have the code...

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