Thread: Problem with unlink

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    Problem with unlink

    xorl %eax, %eax
    pushl %eax
    pushl $0x61
    movb $0xa, %al
    int $0x80
    This is supposed to do unlink a file called "a" for demonstration purposes. I'm a total stranger with Linux assembly. Something tells me this should work though. Perhaps "pushl $0x61" is not what I'm looking for?

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    Looking at the code, it looks like you're pushing the character code for 'a' onto the stack. What the system call requires is a pointer to a nul terminated character sequence (a char *, if you will) with the name (path, whatever) to be unlinked, not the characters themselves, on the stack.
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    It appears so. I tried it with gdb to confirm that that was true. I shall try to work around this problem in an alternative way and return if further problems arise.

    Thanks :-)

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