Thread: help me to use md5sum, thanks

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    help me to use md5sum, thanks

    I want to use md5sum in my program. I found we can use md5sum in the command line in Linux, so do we can use the md5sum function call in the program. I want to find the md5sum source code in the Linux, but the one I found seems not the correct one. Does anybody know which file we need to include into the program in order to use the md5sum function, and which function we need to call, or where the source code about md5sum located? I found the coreutils md5sum.c in the linux and wanted to use it, but I don't know which file I need to include in the header of my program. Please help me, thanks.

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    the md5sum program is part of the gnu coreutils package. Here is the project page and you can get the source from there. IIRC, the md5 algorithim is actually described in one of the RFCs
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