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    trouble compiling

    hey guys,

    i have a problem, i can't figure it out. i'm not that familliar with g++, and ive been mulling around trying to figure this out, but i cant

    i have a directory, with


    i'm tring to compile main.cpp including the files in /includes, and also the libraries in /lib
    The library are .so (shared object?)
    Here's my command line so far:

    g++ -I/path/to/includes -L/path/to/lib -llibldapsdk -llibldapssl main.cpp -o ldap_auth

    It says it cant find <ldap.h> or <ldap_ssl.h>, when they're in the /includes folder, and it gives cannot find the libraries, theyre


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    >> g++ -I/path/to/includes -L/path/to/lib -llibldapsdk -llibldapssl main.cpp -o ldap_auth

    try to use -l without the lib prefix... gcc strips it when parsed... so it should be

    g++ -I/path/to/includes -L/path/to/lib -lldapsdk -lldapssl main.cpp -o ldap_auth

    as for your include problems, post the exact include path string you are using and I may be able to help.

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