Thread: Static library how do i list

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    Static library how do i list

    Hi Experts,
    Could anybody help me with a unix command to list out all the static libraries that are linked in an executable built by me in the Unix environment ?

    Say for example i have an exe a.out . I need to find all the staic libraries linked into this while building this ?

    Please do help me immedeately


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    ldd <exe filename> shows dynamically linked libraries
    nm <exe filename> shows the symbols in the file.

    To see which symbols come from static libraries requires running nm against those libraries to get a list of the symbols (functions, etc.) in them, then comparing them to what your list of symbols from nm <exefilename>.

    You compare lists with the comm command. See man comm.

    This whole thread should be in the Linux Forum, not here in C programming

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