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                   while(1) {  
                    char cmd[20];
                    printf("Shell: "); scanf("%s",&cmd);
    		res = fork();
    		if(res==0) {
    			if((strcmp("ls",cmd))==0) { execl("/bin/ls","ls",NULL); insert_list(list, "ls"); } 
    			if((strcmp("ps",cmd))==0) { execl("/bin/ps","ps",NULL); insert_list(list, "ps"); } 
    			if((strcmp("historic",cmd))==0) {  Print_list(list); }
    		else {
    im creating a little shell, and each time i execute a command i want it to
    be saved in a linked list, so when i execute the command historic, it prints the commands i had executed before. But when i execute command historic the list dont print nothing. I think it is because execl, because if i take the instruction execl("/bin/ls","ls",NULL); it prints the list with the elements correct, in this case ls.
    Sorry about the English.

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    How about continuing with the same thread, rather than starting a new thread with a new approach to the same problem.

    People will rapidly start to ignore you if you don't engage in a conversation and just keep posting new threads in the hope that someone will post a solution in response.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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