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    programming reference

    Hi, is there a complete C++ programming reference 4 linux, like MSDN 4 windows? If so, where can i download it?

    Thanx in advace 4 any help.
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    Here is a linux programmers guide, viwable online.

    Here is a list of guides for linux.
    the one in the first link is in the older / unmaintained section of this page.

    "The Linux Programmer's Guide

    version: 0.4
    authors: B. Scott Burkett, Sven Goldt, John D. Harper, Sven van der Meer and Matt Welsh
    last update: March 1996
    available formats:

    1. HTML (read online)
    2. HTML (tarred and gzipped package, 140k)
    3. other : DVI, LaTeX source, PDF and PostScript.
    4. Example source code is also available.
    5. various (non-English) translations

    The Linux Programmer's Guide is meant to do what the name implies -- It is to help Linux programmers understand the peculiarities of Linux. By its nature, this also means that it should be useful when porting programs from other operating systems to Linux. Therefore, this guide must describe the system calls and the major kernel changes which have effects on older programs like serial I/O and networking. "

    and no answer would be complete without including the installed on every system man pages:
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    Here is a good refereance for advanced topics like threads and IPC under Linux. Not a complete referece but a good starting point!

    Hope helps...

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