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    Good Linux GUI Compiler


    i'm self-learnning C++ programming under Windows 4 some time now, and now i wanna try it on Redhat Linux. What's the best C++ compiler-editor-debugger, that's got a neat GUI (like MSVC++ 6.0 for windows) that i can get 4 Linux?

    Thanks a lot 4 any help.
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    i think you mean IDE not gui
    here are some (gpl):

    ---- full IDE---------------

    --just gui debug------

    good source browsing for large projects


    (rather old , but i like it for source browsing
    on larger projects)

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    QTDesigner ( included with most distros, as is kdevelop )Here is a good source of applications for linux, organised by category.
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    I am learning to code with QT, and prefer coding over using the designer.

    Kdevelop has qt app under its projects so it assists in compiling. Very nice.

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    KDevelop is for KDE, and Anjuta is for GNOME. If you're looking for something a little more agnostic, there are other tools out there. For instance:

    Code Crusader: This is a GUI front-end for the standard free unix/Linux development tools, and as such is a fantastic tool to use for familiarizing yourself with C/C++ development on the unix/Linux platform in general. It's a well-regarded free IDE, as well.

    GNAT Programming System: This is an IDE for C and Ada development. It uses GTK and Python on the back end, in case that matters to you. Since it uses GTK, it's not quite as GUI-agnostic as Code Crusader and Motor. More information, and a screenshot, are HERE. Unlike Code Crusader, this one is available through the Debian apt system, package name gnat-gps.

    Motor: This is a text-mode IDE for Linux, in case that appeals to you. It uses a curses-based interface and, like GNAT Programming System, is available through the Debian apt system, package name motor.

    I'm partial to ProjectCenter. It's the native IDE of GNUstep, and supports a wide range of languages, including C, C++, and Objective C. I prefer to have it use Vim as the text-editor, rather than the integrated editor, but that's a matter of personal taste I suppose. It's essentially a clone of the Project Builder IDE developed for the NEXTstep OS. Project Builder was widely hailed as the easiest development environment available for a while, and without it we might not have the World Wide Web (if I recall correctly, Project Builder was used to develop the first web browser). ProjectCenter, too, is available through the Debian apt system, package name projectcenter. ProjectCenter isn't exactly GUI agnostic, either, being optimized for use with GNUstep and GORM (the GUI-builder toolkit for the GNUstep framework), but it's easily used for developing for other environments as well.

    I mention the Debian package system because Debian has the most extensive free software package archives in existence, as far as I'm aware. Thus, if it's not available in the Debian apt archives, it's probably not available in the archives of whatever other distro's binary package management system you happen to be using. As popular as Code Crusader is, it doesn't seem to be available for easy download and install as a binary package.

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    I also use Anjuta for my C/C++ projects. But anjuta requires gnome libraries to run. I heard about "Mono" but never used it. I checked the offical web site and like the screenshots! So, you can give it a chance Here is the address

    Hope helps...

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