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    Want to start with linux programming

    plz, can anybody show me some useful online resources to start programming under linux?

    i used to program under Win. for a reasonable time, so i have already had some programming experience .. all i need is the Linux specific topics

    thnx in advance

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    How vague...

    What sort of programming interests you?
    GUI programming
    Network programming
    Game programming
    etc etc

    How about

    I mean after you've learnt the core language (which is OS neutral), the rest is just a bunch of "Which API's shall I use today".
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    All you need to learn C or C in linux is a good g++ and gcc and cc.

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    what i need to learn is GUI programming and DB applications programming ..

    I have heard something about GTK and Glade, and an IDE called Anjuta ..
    should i start with these or what?

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    Well, I recommend learning C, and thouroughly learning the unix libs. Then move onto GUI libs like QT. Look into:

    Advanced Linux Programming is a GREAT book to get started with linux, as is "Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment". Read both of them.

    Most UNIX GUI libs rely on you to write your own code using these libs. There's no such thing as win32 API which covers everything.

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