Thread: C++ under Linux?

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    Question C++ under Linux?

    Hello. I would like to ask if you could recommend something like BCPPB under linux to me. Or something as powerful as c++. Thank you.

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    What exactly do you mean as powerful as C++?
    on GNU/Linux you can run g++ and it will compile C++.
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    C++ under Linux?
    To answer that question, yes. C++ is a language - you can use it on any platform you want, as long as you have a C++ compiler for that platform. -=SoKrA=- mentioned g++ - which is hugely popular and easy to obtain.

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    gcc = gnu compiler collection, with c++ support native to it, and is on all linux boxes.

    if you are talking an ide, for developing with.
    kdevelop for kde.

    all generally included with your distro.
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    Thank all of you.

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