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    libs under linux

    i don't know if i posted this where i should so don't pick on me for it.

    i use a debian without xserver. i've got gcc with apt, but it seems it doesn't include many (probably all) headers. any ideas?

    also, i'd like to know if there is a function that creates a set delay, and in what header is it.

    i'm new to *x programming so don't blame me.
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    usleep(), sleep() - in unistd.h, assuming you want your program to wait a for a minimum period. No "wait" is guaranteed to end exactly when you specify, it is only guaranteed to be a minimum wait of that duration. It may wait longer. Due to OS scheduling.

    headers are in the /usr/include tree. Check there first.
    If you've done an install of any software by compile rather than apt, then gcc probably works fine.
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