Thread: concatenate two strings! K&R problem

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    concatenate two strings! K&R problem

    Here is another problem from K&R , I have been sittin with it for 4 hours

    This program tried to concatenate two strings. It aint doin it

    #include "stdio.h"
    int  str_cat(char *, char *);
    int main()
            char *str1 = "saguna";
            char *str2 = "karan";
            return 0;
    } //main closes
    int   str_cat(char *st1, char *st2)
            for(; *st1 != '\0'; st1++)
                    if(*st1 == '\0')
                            printf("check ");          //not goin in if statement, it goes till s
                            for(;*st2 != '\0';st2++)
                             *st2 == *st1;
                            printf("The value of *st2=\n\n\n\n\n%c",*st2);
                             //return *st2;
                            printf("\nsomethings wronng\n");
    } //str_cat closes

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    I think you've already posted this. Please don't double-post.

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    Agreed - closed.
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