Thread: easy graphical interface develpment

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    easy graphical interface develpment

    Does Linux have any development apps similar to VC++ or Borland C++ where you just drag out buttons and textboxes on to a work area and just fill out property menus for them?

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    yup, GLADE.

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    the KDeveloper is good program for programming by C.
    this program has interface gui.
    and it 's beauty and easy to work.

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    as well as qtdesigner.
    borland's kylix 3 ( if using kernel 2.4 it doesn't like 2.6 )*
    runtime revolution+

    * freely downloadable version of non commercial use
    + commercial ide
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    QTDesigner has to be the best thing I ever used as far as a interface designer. As posted earlier, it integrates w/ KDevelop. FLTK is a nice toolkit, and also has a designer called FLUID. Also, wxWidgets has a designer called wxGlade. It all depends on what toolkit you want to use.
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    If you want to develop KDE appliacation your choice will be KDevelop. It offers a good IDE for Qt developement but there are some restrictions if you want to make commercial applications. Visit offical web site for more information.

    On the other hand GLADE is a good GTK/Gnome IDE. Glade + Anjuta makes it easier writing the code and desinging the interface! In fact, using Glade may be strange at first glance (for example, buttons having sizes equal to your main frame)! Read some tutorials about designing interfaces with Glade. Also, you should be familiar with GTK programming.

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