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    I was going to do not anyway, heh - But getting to know others experiences is a nice deciding factor as well.

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    actually, for most "user friendly" ( windows like ) distro, I would have to say Xandros.

    ( which, in commercial version for sure, comes with crossover office to run your windows apps in linux )

    my personal prefference is linux from scratch, but even on thier site, it's not meant for new to linux users.
    ( if you can follow the instructions, it's not a problem, but it does leave a lot to be desired in the "user friendly" department. )

    with it you can have a fully standards compliant version of linux, which for development purposes, is the best idea. standards compliant only means that you are not going to have non standard tools / libraries that may not be on other's systems, making installation of applications easier for others. ( also you can then say it's thier distro's problem that they are not standards compliant if they cannot install software you have developed. )

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