Thread: How to spoof a MAC address?

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    How to spoof a MAC address?

    I am currently testing some network simulation software. I wrote a small perl script that constantly loops though a bunch of ip address (from the simulated network) and sends the IP snmp get requests. It just keeps doing this over and over for all the IP addresses.

    I was ask to try and spoof a MAC address with the requests to see if it has a different effect on the software. The difference being the the requests will be coming from different interfaces.

    I want to know if there is a way to do this in Perl and/or some other language (C/C++, Java). I am not looking for an answer, but a finger pointing in the right direction.

    Also, I see that there is MAC address spoofing software on the internet, but I would like to write my own code to do this, if it is not out of my scope.

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    For those that need anonyinimity. I would suggest research nik cards. Find one that you can program at the media access layer. Somthing that has a soft bios.
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    Your description isn't clear, but you're using Linux, which makes it pretty easy using system calls. Your failure to STFW (Google) and RTFM (Wikipedia) combined with your blatant statement that you're a "1337 haxxorz skirpt-kiddie" that wants to make a "cool Xploit" using standard DOS tactics you read about in Newsweek, though, makes me think this post should be reported to the mods.

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    I have every reason to believe this question is being asked for a malicious and illegitimate purpose. Since a lot of help has already been given to the OP, I am closing this thread. If anybody would like to argue that it should remain open, feel free to PM myself or another mod.

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