Thread: Problem with NCurses

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    Problem with NCurses


    I am having a problem when I resize my console on a ncurses program I created.
    The ncurses program has 2 WINDOWS and 2 Corresponding PANELS

    It is basically a terminal for another program with an input at the bottom and output window at the top.

    However, when I resize the form, I get garbled text and then it Seg Faults.

    Any help would be awesome...

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    Straight from the FAQ

    Using NCURSES under XTERM
    A resize operation in X sends SIGWINCH to the application running under xterm. The ncurses library provides an experimental signal handler, but in general does not catch this signal, because it cannot know how you want the screen re-painted. You will usually have to write the SIGWINCH handler yourself. Ncurses can give you some help.
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