Thread: need guidance to connect to serial port

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    need guidance to connect to serial port

    Hi all,

    I have modified a Linksys Wireless-G router to have a serial port from this guide:

    So now, I have a linksys router, open source for it, and a serial port. The router runs embedded linux and I need guidance on how to write a terminal program for connecting to that serial port. Will it be like connecting to any serial port on any standard linux box? In other words.... I have a serial port on my linux box at home, can I write and test my program on my home desktop that runs linux, and if it works, will that same program be able to run in the linksys embedded linux environment?

    I am basically looking for guidance on being able to access this serial port I installed. Any help would be greatly appreciate.

    Thank you very much,

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    Serial port programming guide for Linux, best there is:

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