Thread: process semaphores cleanup problem

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    Unhappy process semaphores cleanup problem

    Hi all,

    My is probem is that I want to do some cleanup action if a process gets ki
    lled. Is there any way I can attach a cleanup routine ( like pthread_cleanup
    _push: in case of pthreads) in a process (not a thread)

    Actually My process deals with shared memory & semaphores...& if it gets ki
    lled while semaphore is in locked state...there occurs a problem...(others p
    rocessess can no longer use that shared memory resource)
    So I want to install a Cleanup Handler ( in C language on linux platform) so
    as to unlock the semaphores just prior to termination.

    Help me guys...........

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    Look into signal handlers.
    Then trap on say SIG_QUIT

    You won't be able to trap SIG_KILL
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