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    framebuffer implementation

    hello! im writing a notepad like program for linux framebuffer, currently i use just mmap-ed /dev/fd0 but problem is that command line cursor blinks still thru, and when program is running and you switch to other terminal, pixels are also being drawn there. i checked out bogl, it work right way, it should support 32bit truecolor mode too, but i couldn't find usable example for 32bits, only 16 colours. what to do?

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    Disabling the cursor


    You can put the below code to disable the cursor.

    handle = open(FB_TTY, O_RDWR);
    write(handle, "\033[?1c", 5);

    In this way, you can disable the cursor. I have a doubt . Please help me.

    How to display a string or a character onto a frame buffer? This is urgent. Thank you. Please mail me to

    With regards,

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