Thread: system() asks for password

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    system() asks for password


    I'm passing a command to system in this fasion:
    sprintf(command, "curl -A SAMPLE-DOWNLOADER -url \"\" > output.tmp\n", username, password );
    system (command);
    When i run this is a terminal window, i get asked to enter a password. Hitting enter lets me continue, but i need to do it without a password getting asked. any way i can do this?

    thanx, PRTSoft

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    why are you passing a username and password variables to sprintf() after your format string? there arent any conversion specifiers in it
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    Look at other ways in which curl allows you to specify username/password information
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    sorry i changed the text, in the original code block from what i had. here is what i HAVE:
     sprintf(command, "curl -A SAMPLE-DOWNLOADER -url \""
    "?version=2.0&UserID=%s&Pass=%s\" > sermonlist.tmp\n", 
    username, password );
    this isn't a form. I am reverse enginering (with permission to do a port) a client that downloads sermon MP3s from this is what it sends: =password

    this supplies a list of sermons that were selected on the main site.
    so i used sprintf *in hindsight maybe strcpy would have been better) to put the username and password in the URL.

    If there is a better faster way to do it, i'm all ears.
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