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    filesystem creation


    I'm designing my own little filesystem(system independent) but I have a big problem. I don't know how to calculate the maximum number of inodes and blocks on the filesystem. Becose of that, I cannot make my format tool.

    Does someone know that?


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    >>I don't know how to calculate the maximum number of inodes
    There is a fixed amount of space for inodes but there are secondary to n-ary levels for additional inodes should more be required. So the maximum number of inodes is limited by the space on the disk available to store them.

    >>blocks on the filesystem.
    amountOfFreeSpace / blockSize; (?)

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    I haven't really messed with making my own file system yet, and I am not good with messing with the kernel interface to it yet. I have been learning, a good resource for learning about files systems, mainly ext2:
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