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    windows in linux

    how do i make graphical programs in linux... in windows there is win32 openGL and directX to name a few. What is there to use for linux? i have herd of Motif and Qt i think and wx.... something. but what i want too know is what you use and why

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    search the board been said many times. There is no standard like in windows, but 2 main ones are gtk and qt. I prefer to write in Gtk.

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    anyone have oppinions on what one is easier to use or easier to learn? and what about Motif and wxWindows (something like that)

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    wxWidgits (previously known as wxWindows) is cross platform, you should be able to copy the stuff you write for windows, recompile, and shouldn't need to make any changes, unless you use system specific API calls. I don't have any experience with any of these yet. Also, OpenGL is crossplatform, and is also included with most Distros with X. There are a few different ways to use it, via Mesa or Glut. There are other sites out there that give tutorials on using it, but I don't think your looking for it to make basic UI's, OpenGL is more for 3d rendering.
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