Thread: Which distro of linux to get for programming?

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    Question Which distro of linux to get for programming?


    I would like to install Linux under VMWare and am looking for a distro I can use for programming.

    Now, to be upfront - I'm a game programmer and am on a tight schedule. I've had bad experiences with RedHat and basically have to state that I'm not going to spend more than 2 or 3 hours getting this to work, plus the download time. If it doesn't install automatically, run the first time with all my hardware, and come with an integrated, modern, GUI ide with breakpoints, watches, and everything else I'm not going to use it.

    So with that in mind is there which distro can do what I need?


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    Well my first recommendation Gentoo is out, because you are not willing to learn how to configure linux, just hope it all works out of the box. So I will go with the easiest to install, but also my least favorite, mandrake. Also, if you want to use linux, it would be very beneficial to you to actually install it step by step like you have to with gentoo. You learn a lot about how linux works.
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    honestly, you don't sound like a linux kinda guy. You can't expect a "modern" IDE all the time as a programmer.
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    every distro is good, try knoppix if you don't wish to learn linux itself, it is a linux-live cd, it runs completely from cd...
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    no, don't get linux
    if you don't have patience and understanding toward it then no, stick to windows. You SHOULD NOT GET ANY LINUX DISTRO. (just to make it more clear)
    If you get enough time to learn linux and take your time with it then get RedHat, it's especially good for newbies. You may not be a newbie but guru's and newbies agree that RedHat is really good overall.
    Essentially any linux will work good for programming, all it sounds like to me is you're looking for a POSIX environment and don't want to hastle with linux. If that's the case maybe you should look into CYGWIN which runs on Windows and emulates a POSIX environment.
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    Just popping in. For what reason would you need to use a unix-based operating system? It appears to me, that it would be of no use to you. It takes time to learn the complexities and nuances of a *nix distribution. Over time, and frustrated late night attempts of getting that one piece of hardware to work, things start clicking - you get used to it. Only then do you understand the true beauty of open-source.

    Until you find the time to appropriately meet with Mr. Tux - I reccomend you just stick with your windows machine.

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    > Just popping in.
    Yeah, and you just bumped a thread as well.
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